Game of Words

The LP - Game of Words is a little free (Windows) educational game to test your English or to play for fun. The goal is to form correct English sentences from available words.

All necessary words are shown in separate boxes in random order. You need to click on each word in the right sequence to place it in the upper sentence window. There are extra points for difficulty and speed.

If you make a mistake and put the wrong word, you can reverse it by clicking on the sentence window. When the finished sentence is incorrect, it will be shown on a "red" background and a new window will appear above with the correct word order.

Both versions ale identical except that LPgame v2.0 will ask you for your name, and in the end, it will show all 'players' with their maximum points. Version 2.0 is great for families where people like to compete with each other.

The game does not need installation. Download one of the two versions, unzip it and put the game folder on your Windows desktop.

Inside the game folder, are many text files with sentences for the game and one executable file (LPgame1.exe or LPgame2.exe). Click on it to run the game, then click on one name of the text files (on the left side) and start playing..

The number before the name of the text file indicates the number of words in a sentence. There are some other files like poems and jokes for those who like more challenge and fun.

If you want to make your own text for this game, the game accepts up to 90 letters (characters), including blank spaces and up to 18 words in one sentence (one line of text).

Below are some additional text files you can download, unzip and put them into your game folder.

More files to download will be added in the future.

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