LP (Language Pattern)

You may understand English well, but when you want to say something correctly,

you often can't find the right words or phrases, or you simply don't remember

how to say it correctly grammatically.

It happens, because some words, phrases, or sentence constructions

appear in everyday language too infrequently to be easily remembered.

Whether English is a second language to you, or you just started learning it -

'Language Pattern' program with its many special features can be

very helpful to improve your English.


Key features:
Text to Speech ability
  To hear what you see.
Automatic Mode
  To learn without distraction.
Priority Mode
  To monitor your progress.
Exercise feature
  To test your knowledge.
Random feature
  To ensure you will not get
  bored too quickly.
Select Option
  To select your favorite patterns.
Edit Option
  To create your own patterns.
Free new patterns every week
  To allow you to start learning